Hi, I'm Jackson...

I'm a Software Engineer and Cornell University grad, living and working in NYC.

I'm particularly interested in building scalable web applications, executing thoughtful user experiences, and working with smart and passionate people.

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Software is changing many aspects of our lives. I'm particularly excited about these:


The wide availability of instruction through online mediums is enabling anyone to educate themselves about any topic on their own schedule. This is already impacting continuing education, and providing a structured model for people to acquire specific and relevant skills.


From electronic medical records, to diagnostics, to personal health data, there are many exciting movements surrounding health and medicine. Empowering people by providing them health data and tools could dramatically affect our ability to live healthily.


Advancements in information storage, retrieval, and search will allow people to focus on the problems that humans are uniquely able to solve and leverage technology for information storage and processing. Additionally, personal productivity is being further enhanced by tools that allow for more effective teamwork and collaboration.


Software is not only enabling new forms of business, but it's changing the dynamics of traditional business models. Companies today are connecting merchants with customers, streamlining transactions, and matching talent with opportunity at extreme scale.

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